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Understand The Keys To Success On Linkedin. 

Understand The Keys To Success On Linkedin. 

LinkedIn is not just a social networking site, and it is essentially a corporate directory where people look for talent, companies, and opportunities. Talent searches are for recruitment, outsourcing, partnership, or consulting purposes. In short, people who can help you in business.

There are three keys to success on LinkedIn:

An optimized profile that gives you visibility into search results and pre-sells to your customers. Go to and buy more LinkedIn likes.

A LinkedIn group that will also pre-sell to your customers and potential customers and subscribe to other groups similar to yours.

The deep network that allows you to meet and frequently meet with potential customers

How do you improve your profile?

In the same way, you optimize your site: with keywords and key phrases. In this case, what people will look for to find you personally. You can find results about the number of visits to your LinkedIn profile on the last day on your page. This way, you will know if your optimization works or not.

Why do you need a LinkedIn group?

It’s like building a list. Done correctly, groups can pre-qualify potential customers and give you more visibility. More people will find your list, which in turn will provide you with more connections.

Why is communication important?

Searching on LinkedIn differs from searching in search engines in that it not only searches for the relevance of keywords: it only searches for your connections at levels 1, 2, and 3. No one can find you if they are not connected to you at levels 1, 2, or 3.

The way to increase the third level to 125 million is to make sure that you are a superconductor and that your contacts are also superconductors, with over 500 contacts each.

Here’s how to find superconductors:

Go to Advanced Search on LinkedIn, set it to the region where you want connectors, sort the list by several connections, and give them an incentive to contact you.

Now that you know that your search results depend on your connections, you will undoubtedly invest your time in research and communication with superconductors. LinkedIn will work better for you.